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Prepare Your Day

Your nutrition is the most important part to getting the results you want. One of the biggest practices I stress to my clients is planning what you are going to eat for the day. I know in my personal life it can get hectic and I seem to be rolling with the punches. I forget to eat or eat something with little nutritional value because "I am starving". I have found that if I have plan ahead I am able to stay on track.

Planning ahead can take out a lot of the guess work. Knowing what you are going to eat for breakfast, packing your lunch & snacks, and having a meal replacement handy when you are unable to have a meal.

Do not be afraid to eat. That is another issue I had to deal with mentally. I was afraid to eat and thinking the calories were going to make me gain weight. The truth to this, if you are starving your body, you are not going to build muscle. Muscle is the source of our metabolism, the more muscle the more calories you will burn. If you are not eating you will not build muscle. This is great news for someone like me who had a love hate relationship with food.

Sunday night plan ahead what you are going to eat for the week. Shop for it and make sure you have what you need on hand. I offer online meal planning if this something you need help with. Keep healthy snacks in your car, purse, office, gym bag, etc. A baby formula container is great to keep your meal replacement powder in and makes it easy to put it in a water bottle. I suggest 1st Phorm Level 1 as meal replacement. It tastes great, high quality protein, and low in sugar for those on keto.

Once you get your nutrition in check you will see and feel the difference.

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