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What Post Surgery Taught Me

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Recovery Sucks. Period.

Last month, I had the least epic fail on my mountain bike that resulted in dislocating my ankle and fracturing it in three places. I guess if I am going to break something I am going to do it right. I spent a couple days in the hospital along with having a plate and couple screws installed in my ankle. They sent me home unable to walk and a temporary 10lb cast on my right foot for the next 3 weeks. I thought this isn't going to be too bad until I realized normal day activities were no longer going to be easy. This last month has given me whole new respect for anyone who has to live their day to day life like this permanently. I had to depend on others to help me not only physically, but emotionally. I had and still have days I feel helpless because tasks are hard to do or almost impossible.

One of my emotional moments is when I realized I gained weight. I felt like I failed as a trainer and then I had remind myself surgery is stress on your body. My swelling isn't completely gone, fluid retention is the major cause for weight gain. The trauma caused a lot of inflammation. Apart from that I have steadily been taking medication for pain. Some opioids can cause unusual weight gain. Also, being inactive for month and spending a lot of time binge watching Netflix hasn't helped either. Lastly, comfort food. My healthy eating went out the window as soon as I came home from the hospital. Salad? What's that?

Fast forward to today. I finally am feeling more like myself. I have gained back some mobility and confidence. I am still stuck in a boot for 3 more weeks and will still be recovering after it is taken off. Accidents happen. The lesson here is not to let your spirits down and it's okay to feel weak. Love your body even when you feel like it doesn't love you back. Do what your doctor tells you and remember recovery = time.

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