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6 Healthy Habits You Can Keep Up And Count On

We all want to make changes that help us get and stay healthy. But this can quickly become intimidating, which may explain why most diet and fitness resolutions fail each year. Like learning to swim, you simply can’t dive headfirst into lifestyle changes and expect it to come naturally. You have to take small steps to improve yourself each day. Here are six suggestions.

Exercise at Home.

You already know that exercise is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. When going to the gym is out of the question, you can get an online workout package from Fit Full Force. For just $10 per month, you’ll have access to boot camp workouts, circuit training, and toning exercises that you can do from the comfort of home. These can help you get into a habit of exercising until you’re ready for personal training or a more intense program.

Wear work-out ready apparel.

You do not always have to exercise on a regimented schedule to reap the benefits. But you should be ready for action when an opportunity arises. Make a point to wear clothing that allows you to stretch and sweat without worrying about a dry-cleaning bill. You don’t necessarily have to lug around in sweatpants and T-shirts, but do make a point to wear a well-fitted bra (preferably one without an underwire), leggings, and comfortable sneakers when you are out and about running errands. You can still look good and you’ll be ready to tackle the stairs instead of the elevator.

Create a daily fitness schedule.

If a schedule is more your style, plan your days ahead of time. Using a fitness app like My Fitness Pal, you can keep up with your activity levels, what you’ve eaten, and even your sleeping patterns. A word of caution here: It might be time to trade in your old phone for a new device that can handle adding multiple apps and running them at the same time. Most carriers, including Verizon, offer deals and discounts online and in-store, so look for these while you shop around.

Keep yourself accountable.

Keeping yourself accountable means setting goals and taking steps to stick to them. You can also train with a friend, who will also serve as motivation to keep going on the days when all you want to do is manhandle the remote control.

Eat more whole foods.

Whole foods don’t come in a box. If the majority of your dietary intake each day has been pre-cooked and processed, it’s time to replace some of your favorite foods with healthier options. Start with your favorite snack. Whether you like sweet or sour, grab an apple instead, to help stabilize your blood sugar and aid in weight loss, according to nutrition blog The Healthy. Slowly replace your vices with foods in their whole form. A few suggestions are to swap potato chips for roasted kale chips, milkshakes for fruit-based smoothies, and brownies for sliced bananas sprinkled with a few dark chocolate chips.

Sleep 30 minutes more each night.

Perhaps one of the most impactful actions you can take to better your health is to sleep more each night. Most adults nowadays subsist off of six hours or less. The body needs a minimum of seven to be at its most energetic. Adding an extra 30 to 60 minutes of sleep each night by going to bed earlier will improve how you feel physically and mentally.

The changes above are easy to implement, no matter what else you may have going on in life. You do not have to make them all at once, and it might be best to master each before moving on to other changes. Eventually, your new healthy habits will just be a part of life, and will lead you down the path of being your healthiest best for the long haul.

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